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Superior Business Intelligence to grow your business to
the next level

iCreate's Biz$core is the result of a deep understanding of the ground realities of the Core Banking and other Source Systems and an abiding commitment to enabling business improvement.This product integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure and empowers you with the information and insights you need to grow your business to the next level.
BIZ$CORE This is ground zero for BI at your bank. A time-bound stand-alone consulting engagement that will enable building clarity around your BI needs, evaluating your current situation, and creating a BI roadmap, while sensitising stakeholders across your bank to the business benefits from a BI initiative. More.

BIZ$CORE iCreate’s Banking Intellisense solution that puts you in control of your bank’s business performance. It transforms Core Banking data into a rich, customizable view of how your bank and your team members are performing on key business parameters. More.

BIZ$CORE Now that you've got your Biz$core implementation up and running, what next? Your bank's needs aren't going to stay the same and your BI solution has to keep up. You need to be able to keep it running at peak efficiency while it continues to adapt to changing. More.

BIZ$CORE BI and Analytics Centers of Excellence that act as extensions of your BI and Analytics team. The CoEs will help assess your bank’s MI and BI requirements on an on-going basis and develop the corresponding artefacts on the system. This includes development of new reports, dashboards, KPIs, alerts and notifications. More.

BIZ$CORE De-risk your bank to be always compliant with changing regulatory requirements. Pre-built, comprehensive Risk & Compliance Management Solution with function-rich features spanning Credit Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk ensures your bank stays ahead of the compliance curve. More.
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