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A new museum devoted to math

"That’s the problem," said Whitney, "because you were only given one road to go through mathematics. You got the impression that once you hit
michael kors handbags outlet the wall, that’s it. There’s nothing more for you. In fact, math is this extremely, very beautiful landscape. And we’re showing people just one road cut right through the center of it."

Whitney says our math curriculum is designed for rocket scientists.

Whitney said America was on a mission then: "We had to, you know, beat the Soviets to the moon. So we needed, you know, the young, bright science or math kid to
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet be our hero to take us to the moon. And we haven’t had a mission like that since then to capture the public imagination as to the importance of math."

That’s where Whitney and his latest project come in a museum devoted entirely to math.

"With our opening, there’s now one math museum in North America," he told Rocca.

"That’s not a difficult math problem," Rocca replied.

The Museum of Mathematics (MoMath for short) opened
cheap michael kors in December in New York City.

With $23 million behind it, it feels less like a classroom and more like a playground.

Museum co founder Cindy Lawrence showed Mo around. There was a square wheeled tricycle that somehow rides like a dream. "It’s smoother than a Lexus," Rocca laughed.

Mo Rocca rides a square wheeled bicycle in the Museum of Mathematics in New York City.

The message is simple: math is everywhere; a part of our daily lives, from
Cheap Michael Kors handbags the time you get out of bed ("Timekeeping was one of the
discount Michael Kors original drivers for the creation of mathematics," said Whitney), to putting on your glasses ("Optics has its foundation in mathematics"), to knotting your bow tie ("I see your bow tie. And the knot there is one of the most vibrant, rich areas of mathematics right now").

And that’s the point math may not be as easy as pi, but it isn’t so square, either.

"Do you think that math lovers can seduce the math haters into liking math?" aske dRocca.

"People who are really engaged with math understand that there’s a lot of folks out there that don’t see it the same way they do," said Whitney.
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet "And they really want to show them the beauty and the wonder
Michael kors handbags outlet and the excitement that they experience. So hopefully, we’ve done that. Time will tell. But that’s certainly what we’re trying to
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Articles Connexes?

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