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Empowering banking with a team of engaged individuals

There is no 'I' in team; but innovation begins with an 'I'. Here at iCreate, we believe in the power
of the individual's creative spirit. We build teams of creative, empowered individuals who share
our commitment to excellence in everything we do. Teams that come up with creative solutions
that solve our clients' problems faster, more cost effectively and better.

We also believe in focus. Our twin competencies, honed carefully over time, are in Core
Banking and in Business Intelligence. Sensing the need for solutions that deliver the kind
context-specific banking intelligence that generic solutions cannot provide, we've concentrated
on leveraging our dual skill areas to power a new paradigm in this space: Banking Intellisense.
Put simply, Banking Intellisense is all about solutions that integrate seamlessly with core banking
platforms to deliver vital, actionable business intelligence to banks in the shortest time, at the
lowest cost.
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